Our Community

1. Jewish school of the arts

The Jewish School of the Arts expands children’s intellectual curiosity and capabilities. It provides them with an engaging, challenging , well-rounded academic program, and nurtures a love for Jewish tradition, history, language, and values. Each child is encouraged to live his or her life in a compassionate, Jewish way and encourages them to become our future leaders. (www.jewishschoolofthearts.com)


2. Jewish camp of the arts

The Jewish Camp of the Arts schedule is full of exciting activities including Art, Sports, Drama, Dance, Culinary art, Yoga, Woodworking, Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar,  late-nights, Trips, Shabbatons and much more! (www.jewishcampofthearts.com)



3. Davids east side deli

David's Eastside Deli is pleased to offer a full range of prepared foods, meats, and poultry, fish and of course blintzes, Knishes wraps, chopped liver, tongue, sandwiches on rye and much more.



4. Kosher Caffeine

Start your day with the best and healthiest stimulant, Kosher Caffeine. Also just in case you get the urge later on in the day for some Kosher Caffeine, don't worry it will not keep you up all night.


5. Jewish social

We love socializing and we love fun. From Super bowl parties, to BBQ's on the beach, our group is vibrant and ready to welcome all people who would love to be part of a warm social environment.



6. Mikvah

Please call Chanie at 561-624-7004 #5 to set up an appointment