Suffering - to save a Life.

 Shabbat Emoir
April 26, 2013
A quick fix of inspiration from,The Lubavitcher Rebbe,

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.
Miracles & Doctors.

Firm confidence in G-d can perform miracles of healing. Nevertheless, you should still follow the instructions of the doctor.

Not that it is the doctor or his medicine that heals

-it is the Healer of All Flesh who heals.

But the doctor and the medicine provide a natural channel for the healing to occur, and this is the way G-d prefers His miracles to work-through natural means.

Moshiach Matters

The "Hamotzee" blessing recited before eating bread reads:

"Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, Who brings forth bread from the earth."

Why do we thank G-d for "bringing forth bread from the earth" when in reality it yields wheat, which must then be baked into bread?

According to the Talmud, when Moshiach comes the earth will produce ready-made bread.

Our Sages instituted the blessing with these particular words in anticipation of the Messianic era.

(Toldot Yitzchak)
Chabad Palm Beach


And when you reap the harvest of your land... to the poor and to the stranger shall you leave them [the corners of the field] (Lev. 23:22)

"Why is this verse suddenly inserted into a section of the Torah that deals with festivals?" asks the commentator Rashi.

After a person has given charity to the poor for Passover and made the announcement, "All who are hungry may come and eat" at the seder table,
he may think that he has sufficiently fulfilled the mitzva of charity.

The Torah reminds us that charity is a mitzva that applies throughout the year.

(Likrat Shabbat)


"Serve G-d in Joy, come
before Him
in song"

A man goes to the eye doctor. The receptionist asks him why he is there.

The man complains, "I keep seeing spots in front of my eyes."

The receptionist asks, "Have you ever seen a doctor?" and the man replies, "No, just spots."


"The doctor said he would have me on my feet in two weeks."

"And did he?"

"Yes, I had to sell the car to pay the bill."


Similar to an old joke about a Russian & his wife arguing.

He says it
is raining and she says it is snowing.

She asks him how he could be so
sure of himself.

He replies: Everyone know that Rudolf the Red knows
rain, dear.


When life gives you lemons
Make lemonade
When life gives you melons
You know you're dyslexic


What did the lemon say to the lime? Sour you doing?

Rivkah presented her best friend, Shira, with a pair of crocs for her graduation.

Shira: "Thank you, although I don't need crocs."

Rivkah: "What?! I thought they'd be the best present ever. You're always wearing mine!"

Shira: "That's exactly why I don't need them!"

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Warmest wishes for a Shabbat Shalom.
"Kosher Caffeine"
by -- Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui

Are u dissappointed in people?
Why should YOU
be good?
Some time ago I was discussing a legal and moral issue with a school professor which pertained to his very own son. I posited against what his son was doing while he was trying to defend his son. Our debate got rather heated and I presented a legal and moral retort to every defense he presented. After some time going back and forth he says, "Well what do you want from him, everyone does that." I was totally flabbergasted by his statement and told him. "If this is your final answer I have nothing further to discuss with you.

Here is a preacher of sorts to budding and developing human beings in his very own educational facility and a lecturer all over the world motivating and encouraging people to follow the straight and the narrow and when it comes down to it, his answer is no different than what any teenager would answer their parent when caught red handed.

People these days are disillusioned and disenchanted in our leaders because they have become followers. Many "leaders" don't deserve the title by any standards. These "leaders" request a poll for every new decision they make to be sure they won't upset or offend the sensitivities of any of their followers. This attitude begets the expression, "every generation becomes worse than the one before it."

According to the second law of thermodynamics, in any insulated system, the degree of disorder tends to increase with the passage of time. Everything has a natural tendency to move from a higher state of order to a lower state of order, and so it is with people. Unless, there are real leaders who reverse this natural trend. Leaders who look forward and upwards and drive forward. Leaders with the moral fortitude to lift standards.

Leaders have become followers and worse. Throughout history the overwhelming majority of leaders have never been people to look up to. Leaders killed, pillaged and took advantage of their position. Certainly the people meant to follow as a whole weren't much better, otherwise they would have produced leaders worthy of that title or at the very least people who publicly protested the inadequacies of the people in leadership.

This brings us to another by product of the above.

Human nature is such that we are all influenced by our surroundings. When a person sees all around them behavior that is problematic and in our hearts we are sure it is wrong, especially, when coming from people who should be an example, this may sway the person to follow his own weaknesses. This can sometimes justify not doing the proper thing because "everyone is doing it."

The answer to this is, life is not a popularity contest. The right thing must get done for the right reasons.

Life is meant to test and as a result strengthen our morals every moment of our existence. The evil inclination never gives up and has millions of tricks to get us in his sphere and dominion, as the Bible tells us, "sin crouches at the door" always waiting for an opportunity to put in his foot.

Doing the right thing has always meant being in the minority. By its very definition a leader is one, to the very many.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was once sitting with his teacher Rabbi Akivah when his teacher told him, "It's enough that I and your Creator know your greatness." Someone once told the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M.M. Schneerson how great his wife was. The Rebbe answered, "only G-d recognizes how great she was."

Instead of being influenced by the bad neighbor, it is up to each person to be the good influence on the bad neighbor. We are good notwithstanding anybody around us because, "there is an eye that sees, and an ear that hears," everything. "The ledger is open (and) the hand writes." And finally, "your employer (G-d) is trustworthy to pay you the reward of your labor."
This Sunday Lag B'Omer -- Day of passing Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Author of the ZOHAR - book of mysticism.
Living with the Rebbe.

Pesach Sheni, 5720 [1960]

To all Children participating in the
Lag B'Omer Celebration
G-d bless you all!

Greeting and Blessing:

Your Lag B'Omer celebration is one of many similar celebrations taking place at the same time, in many parts of the world. I trust you know the meaning of this day, and why you are celebrating it.

Lag B'Omer, reminding us of what happened to the many thousands of students of the great tanna and sage Rabbi Akiba, teaches us all, and Jewish children in particular, that it is necessary to study the holy Torah in good companionship and with love and respect for each other.

Lag B'Omer also reminds us of the life and work of the saintly tanna and sage Rabbi Shimon ben Yochoi, one of the greatest of Rabbi Akiba's disciples. Rabbi Shimon ben Yochoi began to reveal the secrets of the Torah and gave us the holy book Zohar. G-d showed us an extra measure of love when He blessed Rabbi Shimon ben Yochoi with such Divine wisdom and permitted him to teach it to others, so that we could come closer to G-d than ever before.

Yet it was not until the time of the saintly Baal Shem Tov that the secrets of the Torah began to flow forth and spread among the Jewish people. Soon, on the first day of Shovuoth, the day of our Receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, will be exactly 200 years since the Baal Shem Tov's holy soul returned to heaven, after he had established the Chassidic movement and way of life.

This is our true Jewish way of life, based on three loves: love of G-d, love of the Torah and love of all Jews.

I hope and pray that your Lag B'Omer celebration this year - which is a very significant year - will inspire each and every one of you to a greater measure of love of G-d, the Torah and the Jewish people; a love which will not remain secret in your heart, but will be expressed in your daily conduct, so that every one of you will be a worthy son and daughter of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah - the fathers and mothers of our people.

With blessing to you, your teachers and parents,

135 ce. Some history from the times of Rabbi Shimon at the Roman rule of Israel.

It Once happened.

It's Lag B'Omer, and bonfires burn brightly all over the Land of Israel as well as throughout the Jewish world, as we celebrate the anniversary of the passing of the great Sage, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. The little village of Meron in the Upper Gallilee is buzzing with happy activity as hundreds of little three-year old boys gather with their families for their first haircuts. They are following the instructions of Rabbi Shimon himself, who enjoined his disciples to mark the day of his passing with great joy. This custom has been honored throughout hundreds of generations to our very day.

But while we remember Rabbi Shimon with festive gatherings, the times in which he lived were filled with suffering and harsh repression. The Romans were cruel rulers in the Jewish land, and their aim was to stamp out the practice of Judaism. Rabbi Akiva and his colleagues continued teaching their devoted students despite the threat of death that hovered over them all. And Jewish scholarship blossomed in spite of the Roman menace.

One of the greatest and most beloved of Rabbi Akiva's students was Rabbi Shimon, whom he called "my son." Even while his master, Rabbi Akiva, was in prison, Rabbi Shimon visited him to serve and to continue learning Torah.

Once, during those difficult days, Rabbi Shimon sat with his fellow rabbis, Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Yose ben Chalafta, discussing the Roman rule. Rabbi Yehuda spoke first saying, "The Romans aren't all bad. They have invested in dozens of beneficial projects - beautiful cities, bridges and roads, which all serve to enhance public life." Rabbi Yose shook his head in disagreement, but said nothing. Only Rabbi Shimon spoke up in fearless disdain of the wicked conquerers. "How can you say that? Why, everything they have done was only to satisfy their own greedy desires. Of course they have built cities - to contain their houses of vice; and bridges - an excellent source of revenue to fill their coffers!"

But as Rabbi Shimon spoke, an informer was sitting nearby, paying close attention to his words. This man was only too happy to repeat the rabbis' conversation to the authorities. As a result, Rabbi Shimon and his son Eleazer were forced to flee. They eventually found a hidden cave where they remained for twelve years, constantly learning Torah. They achieved such an exalted level of holiness that when they emerged at last, their gaze alone was enough to scorch the surroundings that appeared mundane to their holy eyes. G-d sent them back to their cave for yet another year, for fear that they would destroy His world.

When they emerged for good, Rabbi Shimon's body was covered with painful sores from sitting immersed in the sand of the cave for so many years. (He had removed his clothing to preserve it, and so, had to cover himself up with sand.)

After some time Rabbi Shimon was cured of his sores by the Tiberian mineral springs. He established a yeshiva in the village of Tekoah in the Gallilee. There, the most brilliant students of the age, including Rabbi Yehuda, gathered to learn Torah from the Master. Amid the silvery olive groves they learned not only the revealed Torah, but the esoteric, mystical Torah as well, laying the groundwork for the Zohar, the fundamental work of the Kabala. Of Rabbi Shimon it is said that he restored the study and knowledge of the Torah.

Rabbi Shimon's disdain for the worldly and mundane was well known. The Talmud relates a story about Rabbi Shimon's students, one of whom had managed to amass a fortune in a foreign country. When he returned, his fellow students were eager to do the same as he had, and make fortunes of their own. Rabbi Shimon took his students into a valley and prayed that the valley fill up with gold. When his prayer was answered, he told the students that they could take as much gold as they wished. The only drawback was that what they took would be subtracted from their eternal reward. The students learned the lesson well. They replaced whatever they had taken, unwilling to trade gold for their real treasure.

In the later part of his life Rabbi Shimon traveled to Rome at the behest of the other Sages to petition the Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, to repeal the anti-Jewish decrees that were set in place by his predecessor.

The Talmud describes the manner in which he achieved his success in this mission. When Rabbi Shimon arrived in Rome, the daughter of the Emperor was gravely ill. No doctor had been able to cure her, and it seemed that she would die. Rabbi Shimon was able to effect a cure, and as a reward, the Emperor offered him his choice of a precious object from the royal treasure vault. Rabbi Shimon entered and was able to find the scrolls that contained the evil edicts. He took them and tore them up in front of the Emperor. In this way, he was able to restore to the Jewish people the right to practice circumcision as well as to observe the Sabbath.

Warmest wishes for a Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui