Give the gift of yourself to Chabad of Palm Beach County and/or its partners. Your compassion...your talents...your time...and your generosity are important to us – and vital to our Jewish family here in the Greater Palm Beaches, in Israel as well as 70 countries around the world. There are so many ways to get involved:

 Chabad of Palm Beach County

  • Call (561) 624-7004 or email to serve on committees; assist at special events; solicit others to support Israel and the Jewish people; host intimate fundraising events; or provide clerical support and assist with mailings. You can also become involved with Women's Philanthropy, Business & Professions and organized groups in gated communities.

  • Call (561) 624-7004 or fill out the form below to become a Chaplain Aide, visiting residents and conducting Shabbat and holiday services in nursing homes, retirement centers and other locations where Jews would otherwise be unable to celebrate Jewish traditions and holidays.

  • Call (561) 624-7004 or or fill out the form below to volunteer with Loaves of

  •  Love. Bring the warmth of love and the taste of freshly baked Challah to someone in need. Share some Love! You can bea part of it In any of these 3 ways. 
    1. Volunteer Thursday mornings to call sick people and setup delivery times
    2. Package and deliver the Challah's
    3. Sponsor a week of Challah's
    Do you know someone that can benefit from a dose of love for Shabbat? Call us at  (561)-624-7004 

  • Tehillim (Psalms) club

    Thanks to all those who have joined the Tehillim (Psalms) club
    the most powerful book of prayer.
    We pray as a group which has more strength, for the sick and needy. Reminder, this week we bless the new month. Don't forget to say your Tehillim.
    You can say it in the comfort of your own home
    this Shabbat -Saturday, any time during the day.
    In a joint effort we will be completing
    the entire book of Psalms (Tehillim)

    To join call 561-624-7078 and leave a message for Arlene.
    Psalms (Tehillim) divided
    Chapters - 1- 10 Anita K.
    Chapters 11-20 Arlene W.
    Chapters 21-30 Valerie S.
    Chapters 31-40 Sherry S.
    Chapters 41-50 Meryl C.
    Chapters 51-60 Fanny S.
    Chapters 61-70 Esther R.
    Chapters 71-80 Ayelet M.
    Chapters 81-90 Dana F.
    Chapters 91-100 Mindy C.
    Chapters 101- 110 Shelly S.
    Chapters 111-119 Mushky R.
    Chapter 119 Patricia G.
    Chapters 120- 129 Moran H.
    Chapters 130-139 Lital A.
    Chapters 140-150 Chani E.


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